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Mighty Grip NON Tack Kneepads - Long Cut - Neon Green

Comfortable fit, designed not only to protect your knees but the open back provides more flexible movement. Perfect for dance, yoga, volleyball, basketball, wrestling and other sports as well as your favorite fitness activities. 



  • LONG cut
  • Assistive and protective support for training
  • Firm support and injury prevention
  • Signature open back for flexibility 


Includes 2 kneepads - one for your right knee and one for your left knee.

Care Instructions:
Mighty Grip products are to be washed in cold, light wash, air dry.  
Please do not put them in the dryer.

If it doesn't have a Mighty Grip tag it’s not authentic! 
US Patent 8973162

Mighty Grip Knee pads - Non-Tack Long

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